Once Upon a Time Dog Rescue saves dogs from death row at Miami Dade Animal Services.
O.U.T is formed by former MDAS volunteers Tatiana Litviakova and Yulia Khinkis who both lost their privilage of volunteering and helping pets in acute distress at MDAS because they stood up for abused animals. They also pointed at the serious problems with management and policies. After their position of volunteers were terminated both Yulia and Tatiana continued animal advocasy and formed MDAS Code Red Organization to fight animal abuse and abuse of power and public trust at Miami Dade Animla Services.  In adition to animal advocacy Tatiana and Yulia got involved in dog rescue activities and as well as helping as much as they could by transporing, donating money, and networking dogs in accute troubles (mostly MDAS's dogs). After saving several dogs on their own Yulia and Tatina felt they need to incorporate into a non-profit in order to be able to collect additional funds and save more pets. They partnered with a friend and amazing human being Josephina Bodogh who already had plenty of experience in running business and working for non-profits. Eventually Once Upon a Tail was born. Tatiana and Julia are still active in animal advocacy and fighting animal abuse at MDAS (see face book page MDAS Code Red). However the main effort is to rescue dogs. Thank you for your interest in saving lives. "Whoever saves  one life, saves the world entire".

The third member of our nonprofit, Josephine Bodog, succesful buisness owner and entrepreneur, has a long history of involvement with charities. Amoung other she sponsers a seven year old boy in Cambodia, takes part in feeding homeless events, and in other community events together with her daughter. A year ago Josephine rescued a little dog in bad shape; the dog became a member of her family and that is how her involvment with helping animals started. We are happy and proud to work together in saving unwanted and abused pets of Miami Dade county.

Once Upon A Tail

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