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Angel was rescued on October 3rd, 2015 by Tatiana and her daughter from Miami Dade Animal Services. She was found as a stray and by the shape of her body we guessed she was used for breeding and was kicked out onto the streets when she was old. Her eyes where coved by a horrendous film and we thought that she was blind. Laying on the shelter floor with a huge open wound on her ear, she seemed to give up. There was clearly no way she had a chance to be adopted. So Tatiana and her daughter took her home. Given alot of love, she became the happiest dog on the earth and our inspiration to help more dogs like her.


We saw  Crystal on Petharbor website; she was surrended by her owner. She was so scared that she wouldnt allow MDAS employeers to examin her. She showed her teeth to anyone who tried to approach her so she was labeled "aggressive" and given 24 hours to live. Tatiana and her friends went to see Crystal at MDAS and concluded that she is just one very scared dog who despite barking aggressivly was very sweet. The only chance for Crystal to survive would be to pull her out right away. Crystal spent two weeks in a foster house being an enjoyment of her foster mom and promptly found a new home after her beautiful pictures where posted on Facebook. 

Summer was a cruelty confiscated case. She was recued from Miami Dade Animal Services after being abused by her owner. We found a great family for her. She swims in the pool and garden in the company of her little sister who is a boxer. 


Mila was adopted from Miami Dade Animal Services by Frrego Tosca, Tatiana's personal friend after Tatiana sent a video of Mila  passing out due to the heat at MDAS. Freego immiedtly adopted her and now she enoys life with her owner and 2 other furry friends Sierra and Doobie.



Tatiana received a call of distress: somebody found a dog who was badly burnt and needed help. A rescue from up North was willing to take care of her but the transportation should be immidiate. Tatiana and Julia immiedtly stepped in to be the transporters. They drove her from Miami to Port St. Lucie where she went to the emergency room and was treated. The dog was named Phoenix. She had several succseful operations and is happily recovering in a foster house. We are happy and proud to be a part of this story. We love you, Phoenix!


Kaleia was admitted into Miami Dade Animal Services in such a poor state she was given 24 hours to be rescued or euthanized. Tatiana coordinated with a rescue up from up North who had interest with Kaleia. Tatiana drove straight to the shelter to take Kaleia to the rescue. We are happy we could save Kaleia and she felt and looked much better after one month of proper treatment.

Saved from hoarding situation together with her two sisters. In great hands of family friends. 



We saw Miracle at MDAS. She looked so miserable and neglected that we urgently decided to change her life for the better. Apparently she had spent all her life chained outdoors. Her fur and skin deteriorated from the rain and general lack of care. She suffered tick related denies. Despite it all she remained trustful and friendly. Miracle was cured and found a happy home in Sebring, Fl. She lives on a farm with two more dogs and three cats. She loves her new life.


Roy is a MDAS survivor. He was scheduled euthanasia. However, we did not let him die. We rescued him, treated his Heart Worm disease, and found him a home where he is loved and cherished.


Maggie came from a hoarder situation as well as her sisters lily and silver. Maggie was a christmas present to a little boy in a wonderful family in Florida. 


During her volenteering at MDAS Yulia noticed one very scared dog sitting at the corner of the kennel. she walked her and gave her a treat the day after she saw her again sitting in the same corner of the kennel with a treat untouched. The dog was very deppressed and skitish. Dogs like that are labeled "shy", considered unadoptable and are sent to be euthanized. Yulia didnt want this nice and sweet dog to end up dead. She adopted her and gave her the name Tesla. Now Tesla enjoys living in a beautiful apartment and enjoys to watch tv from her favorite chair. She also enjoys going to the bay, the park, and playing with Yulia's grandchildren.

Jet was called the "saddest" dog of MDAS. A video of him sitting in the cagehad 26,509 views but yet nobody wanted him. Thats when Tatiana stepped in to network and find him an adopter. YES! It happened! Just look at his face on his "freedom ride" from MDAS picture. 



Dove is a beautiful two years old girl terrier mix. She was found as a stray, and brought to Miami Dade Animal Services where she was labeled "shy" (unadoptable and high risk of euthanasi) and was so scared she was hiding under the her bed most of the time. She was adopted by a loving home and a big backyard!

Javier was found on the streets of Miami. His vet said he was starving for a year or so and his stomach had issues due to starvation. By the grace of god he was adopted by Candace H. from Oregon. Javier traveled three days in a car to reach his new happy home. He loves Oregon and his new family.



Lily and her sisters where rescued from a family who could no longer afford their care. Now Lily got her own wonderful home, garden, and bed in Homestead, FL. Jim W. takes care of her as she is a princess. 


Denver was pulled from death row at Miami Dade Animal services in very poor state. He suffered acute respiratory infection and heart worms. His rescue was a group effort and eventually Denver ended up adopted by wonderful person and a rescuer himself, Errand F. Denver was a special project. We worked very hard to save him and we are grateful to every one who helped.

Tootsie was surrendered by her owner to us after 7 years and in the state of neglect. With tumors and other health problems. We took care of her medical issues and found her a wonderful home in Vero Beach where she lives with another old Chihuahua.



Lily was found on the streets of Miami and placed with a wonderful person who lives right next to the dog beach in Jupiter. Lily enjoys daily swim with her new owner. 


Betty was dying in lmdas. We saw her in quarantine area of the pound suffering from respiratory infection. She also had Mondaypand was a  candidate ofor euthanasia than for adoption. We decided that Betty must live. We found her great family that will take care of her forever. Betty currently is undergoing various medical treatment and on the road to the full recovery.


Less than 2 years old Lisa was dying at MDAS. Her bad burn was almost healed but she was pregnant and diagnosed with  pyoderma (infection of uterus); their unborn pups died inside of her and she needed immediate medical and rescue. We decided Lisa must live and pulled her from the animal survives. Lisa is recovering at one of our partner's house.Yulia Khinkis monitor her recovery very closely and Lisa is finally eating well and her bleeding almost stops. We already find Lisa most wonderful adopter and she will be joining the new family Upon her complete recovery very soon!

We saw Serena in the medical ward of Miami  Dade Animal Services. Her entire back was burned, it looked intentional. She was only seven months old. Next day we went to pick her up. She turned out to be the sweetest and most loving creature. She got adopted by young professional laden Delray Beach. Her new name Khaleese. We love you Khaleese!


Captain America

CA narrowly escaped death row at Sebring Animal Services. His pelvis was fractured and had no use of his back leg; emaciated with lacerations and profound phycological trauma. Our rescue participated in fostering him and medical/training expenses. He flourished into a handsome and loving dog. He found his home in Fort Lauderdale, FL.


We pulled Clark out of the medical ward at MDAS in a poor state: Beaten, heart worm positive, and defeated in every way. He found his home in Syracuse, NY. He was transported by volunteer transport: 20 people took part in his transport. Read more about this amazing story on our home page. (20 Legs of Billy)


From starving on the streets, then being caged at Animal Service, Nova came a long way to find her happy home. She was adopted by a young aspiring man who is taking excellent care of her. She got her own backyard, home cooked meals, and  lot of walks. Her favorite activity is to company him to the gym and watch him become a successful professional boxer.

Chance was found on Sunday the street by Tatiana and her neighbour. He was very scared and sick. According to his chip he was adopted from Palm Beach Animal Services several years ago and obviously kicked of to the streets. The phone number of the “owner” was inactive, so we took possession of Chance, medicated him and found him a good home in central Florida where he lives in company of another dog.



Poor old Chloe found herself, at the end of her life, on the euthanasia list at Miami Dade Animal Services. We networked her for adoption and by the grace of god found her a wonderful lady who loves senior dogs and who offered Chloe to share her house. Just look at her now! Chloe got her own room and big bed and she loves walking in her big backyard. We are so glad we could help her!


Just look at her!!! From death row at Miami Dade Animal Services to the happy family life in Maine. Another happy tale for the team.

















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