There are so many ways to help unfortunate pets. First, volunteering at you local animal services. Google you local country animal services or private shelters. They always need vole enters to walk and socialize the dogs. You would go through brief orientation and soon groom, walk, and play with dogs who badly need love and attention. 

Transporting: please join volunteer and transport pages on Facebook. We move dogs across the country. Each transport into section for an hour drive. You can choose to your convenience to participate. Donating your time to transport dog for free to their new homes. 

Blankets and towels drive: Each shelter or vet office badly needs towels and blankets so don't throw you old stuff away. Drop it at your local vet or shelter. Ask your friends, neighbors, and friends to donate as well. Its a great help! 

Networking pets on Face Book or other social media to spread the word for animals. Join Facebook pages of rescue groups and start sharing their posts with your friends.

Once Upon A Tail

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